Texas Thursday

Tomorrow marks the half-way point of my British adventure. I can’t believe it’s been 7 weeks since I boarded my first trans-Atlantic flight to the UK. It feels like so long ago, and at the same time it feels like just yesterday. I’ve been living and learning in London long enough to be comfortable in my routine and am now starting to be comfortable in the job I’m doing as well. 

Recently “Team Texas”, the team of Americans and Brits who will be opening the first Explore center in Dallas, had our first official meeting as a team. I finally got to meet the people who I will be working with in this exciting endeavor! The team is made up of three head-office employees (Al, Liz, and Belinda) who have tirelessly been working on the logistics of establishing the centers for months now. It also includes Iris, the third American who had only just landed in London the day before the meeting, and the British CDs and AD: Clare, Matt, and Emily. I was so excited to meet these people, and they didn’t disappoint. Clare is kind and warm, and shares with me a passion for music and singing. Matt is charismatic and friendly, and, strangely enough, is another musically inclined and accomplished member of the team. I’m so excited to learn from these experienced center directors, not only inside the centers but in life. Emily is quieter, but seems sweet and genuine; and those who know me well know that genuineness is a very important quality to me. 

Not only did we get to meet one another, we also got some much-anticipated details about the game-plan for centers in Texas. We learned of our three proposed locations: Frisco, Colleyville, and a north Fort Worth location, the name of which routinely escapes me. We learned a bit about the content we’ll offer members, and were given the proposed name of the American counterpart of the company: Explore Horizons. I really like that name, and I hope it works out. 

After our trainings, Explore took us out to dinner at a really interesting Asian/Indian restaurant. We got to sit and talk with the team in a more relaxed environment on a more personal level. This day made me so ready to go back to the states and start working in our centers. Everyone involved in this project is amazing, and I’m so excited to get to know them better. Meeting all these wonderful people makes me feel so lucky to be chosen for this team, and so eager to prove myself worthy of this position. I’m not only beginning to get comfortable in this position, I’m also starting to love this company and the great people it employs. 


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