How to Travel 5,000 Miles in an Instant

How to Travel 5,000 Miles in an Instant

I had very little of an idea of what I’d need for this trip. Because of this, some things that I packed have been folded and put away and probably won’t see the light of day until I repack them in December. There were other things I brought that have become staples; things so integral to my life in England that I can’t imagine doing without them (and am thinking ahead to when I can buy more). Some of the most inconspicuous items I brought are the most valuable; like the tall socks I’ve stolen from my dad’s drawer and hoarded over the years. They’re warm and comfy and I sleep in them every night. Netflix has become one of those all-important possessions.

After a long day, in a strange country, having heard nothing but unfamiliarly accented voices, all I want to do is come home to my Netflix. Britain has some really great TV, don’t get me wrong, but hearing the American voices coming through my speakers makes me feel like I’m a little closer to home, even if it’s just for an hour or two. Curling up to an old American movie that I’ve seen a million times almost makes me feel like my mom’s in the next room, just waiting for the chance to pop in and ask me a thousand questions she’s already asked before. It’s home in my laptop.

It’s the little details of home, like the familiar sound of American voices, singing at the top of my lungs or even driving around in my car that I’m really beginning to miss. That makes the simple pleasure of watching a stupid American movie that much more precious.

I also try to get seats in empty areas of trains so I can sing a little to myself; but that’s a different story.


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