Things English People Like

This post has two functions. One, to keep me awake while I watch the last quarter of the much-anticipated A&M/Alabama game, and two, to share with y’all some of the things that Brits seem to LOVE. So, gig ’em, and here ya go.

  • Mayonnaise. They put it in everything, and on everything. 
  • Butter. They also put this in and on everything. Even sandwiches. It’s odd.
  • Prawns. This is what they call shrimp. I guess being on an island they have a good supply of prawns, and this is one thing I’m happy to appreciate right along with them. 
  • Biscuits. As I’ve posted before, British biscuits are our cookies. They love them. Again, I’m not mad at it.
  • Football. The soccer kind. Despite all the differences between the two sports, each country pretty much revolves around their football; even if they’re not the same sport.
  • Blessin’ em. It’s the equivalent of the southern “bless your heart”, but they say it ALL THE TIME. (Ex: Katie’s so sweet, bless her.”)
  • Tea. Obvi. But really, can you blame them? The temperature tops out at 61 tomorrow. In September. They need the warmth where they can get it.
  • Walking. They do it like we drive. Everywhere.
  • Black tights. The only way way you can wear a dress here and not look like an idiot. LIke I said, 61 in September. 
  • Americans. Though half the time, they think I’m Australian. Either way, they like it. 

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