London Bridge

London Bridge

I’ll start off my much-anticipated blog with a picture I took on my first day exploring London. We got really lucky weather wise; it was absolutely gorgeous the first few days we were in town. My co-worker and I met in London on the second day of our trip and got in our tourist time wandering the city. EVERYTHING is so classic and beautiful here. Even as I type I’m sitting in a Starbucks across the street from the most beautiful McDonalds building I’ve ever seen. (PS, Londoners love Starbucks. They’re on every corner here, a lot like New York City.) Anyway, we had a great day exploring the city and ended the night with a lively dinner with basically every one of our bosses. More about Explore (the short version of my company’s name) and all of that later!


3 thoughts on “London Bridge

  1. Hey Abby, sounds like you’re enjoying London, the English countryside is stunning, with hedgerows and green everywhere. Go explore! One word of caution, though, and I bet you have already found out, British foods suck! (unless they’ve upgraded their national menu in the last decade since I’ve last been…). I took to eating at American chain restaurants to keep my strength up!. Grandpa and I enjoyed the Cutty Sark and Greenwich museums, but that’s a good train ride out from London. We took the wrong train by mistake from Victoria station; an express, and ended up in a town called Orpington, where the breed of hens Allie and I had at the time were originally developed. We had a good laugh about that.
    The one thing that really struck me every time I went was, and you touched on it, how old everything is there. An antique store there sells antiques, not trash from the 70s. When I was there once, there was quite an uproar over one antique store selling (and worse yet, displaying) a pair of Queen Victoria’s knickers!
    Consider taking a day (or two) weekend trip too France while you’re there.
    Have a blast!

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